02/25/19 – Volunteers Aplenty




There are options, and then there are options.

It’s my birthday today. 46. Feeling pretty good about that, despite wishing I had more time (and not just because there are so many comics yet to make) Cockadoodledooo!



  1. Jude

    No need for you to kill everyone in the room, Devyat. At the speed their arguing is escalating, they’ll do it themselves just fine. On the other hand, the longer you spend arguing with your mom, Gounder will look after it instead.

    So 46, Christopher? You look awfully young for a rooster your age (admittedly really really weird for a rooster). As a human though, looking good and sassy for 46!

  2. Nova

    Hmm. Couldn’t she just get the ship within a vague line-of-sight, and then inspect+silently disable it remotely? I’m having a bit of trouble keeping track what the limits of her telekinesis actually are.

    1. andreas

      Good point – perhaps Devyat could re-wire the launch button to the lunch button to further mess with bag-of-snakes gounder gone native?

      Ideally she could keep her intervention subtle and let some of the braggards take the credit for it…

      Also I heard a rumor that 46 is the new 37 😉

    2. Efogoto

      “I’m having a bit of trouble keeping track what the limits of her telekinesis actually are.” Me too, but remember that Devyat and Pilot had to go out to Planet Haucht to disable the enemy ships, so there is a range limit. That means either a trip out to the Gownder’s (this may only be a one strip typo, but I find it handy to have a shorthand way of expressing that it is the Slinten pod version of the Gounder (short except for the long parenthetical explanation)) ship or trying to disarm the missile as it comes into range, which could be tricky, and probably veering it off-course.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Happy Birthday, Chris! And many happy returns of the day.

    With immense power comes not just immense responsibility, but tremendous scope for action. Possibilities outrun morality, and you are left to decide alone how best to reshape the world in whatever image. Knowing, or perhaps not, that in so doing you become a fugitive from the law of unintended consequences. Whose penalties fall not on you but on everything and everybody you hold near and dear.

    When you seek vengeance, goes the old saw, always dig two graves. So too here. But you may never know who fills the other grave until the burial, and you will be appalled. You WILL be.

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