02/26/19 – No Privacy




Sometimes saving the universe can be mightily inconvenient. But, should be done I suppose.


    1. Nathanyel

      Took that as a poke on the universal translators. “Brugglefrump” is close to the way “launch” should be written in whatever language the Gounder’s goons or engineers use.

      You know, typos, and accents/dialects, these would make a “universal translator” basically impossible.

  1. Peter Rogan

    Oh no. Oh no no no no no.

    Devyat’s going to do her bit in public. And the universe will promptly undo its stitches, jump out of its skin, and shed the skein of civilization in answer to their souls’s response to the discovery of an unclamped Eeb in their physical reach. I can’t watch.

  2. Muzhik

    So? It’s not like she closes her eyes, clenches her fists, and a globe of shimmering energy moves out from her to do her will. She might close her eyes, but otherwise, she could be standing in a corner looking at her handbrain/cellphone/whateverthosethingsarecalled ordering something online.

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