02/27/19 – Working It






    1. watcher

      Why would she start singing Boy George KamamamamaKameKamelia…. you come and go…. You come and goooOo.

      Lovin would be easy if you try to light my dreams… them golden streams… don’t cross the streams…..

      dada, na dadada n da da da. GHOSTBUSTERS!

      Ok I am never invited to Karaoke for some reason…

  1. Jude

    The missile turning around and heading back likely spells the Gounder’s death sentence and execution. If that happens and those working for the Gounder, who may have little choice, will also die. The crowd that’s now cheering easily could later accuse Devyat of committing murder. Crowds are fickle things and change loyalty as the mood strikes.

    So far, no one that we’ve come to think of the ‘good guys’ and like have died or had something devastatingly tragedic happen (other than Mauricio but at least he’s alive and Jabby inactivated). If Christopher follows the pattern of the first Spacetrawler adventure – and I think he said something to that effect – there’ll be great tragedy ahead and this won’t end well.

    Christopher, I’m not sure I remember correctly but isn’t Red-9 also capable of what Devyat can do?

    1. Rikard

      It didn’t, but then someone, somewhen, used TK while pointing towards something, and thus legend was born: TK and all ESP ability requires going through the motions. As all subsequent wielders of mental forces had Heard the story, they too needed to make a gesture. And since “psion see -psion do” is what it is, well…

      At least, that’s the story I fed my players when GM:ing Star Wars D6 once upon a time.

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