08/06/19 – Who’s Left




Sometimes it’s good to realize you can do more to help on a local level than a national/global level. Know your strengths, know the scope you work well at and can be most effective.


  1. ronald

    Well, there are a lot fewer people on just Earth than there are in the whole frickin’ GALAXY, so evidently Joyce isn’t going for sheer numbers of people that she can potentially help. And that’s her prerogative, of course. 🙂

  2. Jude

    Nogg: That’s why I always have a coin handy to flip.
    Yuri: A coin?! We don’t use coins in this galaxy!
    Nogg: Oh, it’s just a little souvenir I picked up from Zorilla. But don’t tell him. He’s so tight-fisted, he doesn’t even want to part with a penny.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Spoilermaker here. Happy endings are all well and good, but the universe is not so balanced and fair. Neat little packages tied up with bows is not how we end up, not all the time. Just as well, or we’d get bored and do something disruptive to mess things up and make them interesting again. Which is why I am cringing, as if I found a grenade with no pin in it. The situation seems to require a boom. (Covering head now)

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    We are in a serious position here on Earth. And if we don’t rectify it we will be living on an overheated Earth maybe with an American Empire lording over it. (How did they get those space ships?) But no one will want to go there except for any species that likes it hot and wet and stormy. Think “The Drowned Earth” (1960) by J. G. Ballard for an example.

    Another large asteroid just popped up out of nowhere. We need a 24-7 360° eye(s) in the sky to find them and have a means of deflecting them before they hit us. Some of them have been large enough to really hurt things. Just last week one came within Luna’s orbit. One large one wouldn’t stop AGW, just suspend it while we froze and most of the plants will die out and animals and humans depending on its size when it hits.

    Ask Nogg about helping Earth to avoid that at least.

    Grace can help since every little bit aids someone.

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