08/07/19 – A Little Home





  1. Coyoty

    I hope when they fixed him, they FIXED him. I wonder how many people bribed the medibot to make sure Zorilla had no more kids for Nogg to kidnap to save the universe.

    “Marcia, we have to have The Talk.”
    “I learned all about that in school, Mama.”
    “This is about The Curse.”
    “Like I said…”
    “Not that curse. The family curse.”
    “When a Zorilla descendant comes of age, aliens abduct her and force her to be a soldier–”
    “I told you, I learned all about that in school.”
    “In history class. There’s a ‘proxi chapter all about Zorillas. And I did a presentation on my turn last week.”
    “Did you know Nogg has a timeship now? He calls it the Timetrawler.”

      1. Meran

        Do you read Jodi Taylor’s books? “Time travel” isn’t the phrase used; they’re “historians” now ????
        One of her titles is “what could possibly go wrong?”

  2. Thracecius

    Why is it that everytime I see Mr. Zorilla, especially when he opens his mouth, I think of Loud Howard from the animated Dilbert cartoon from the late 90’s? πŸ˜€

  3. TB

    Well, Mr. Zorilla will sure be talking to people on Earth about something. Like, “where the heck did you get that robot arm?”

    It’s going to be rough needing long sleeves and gloves all the time, and he may not be aware enough to do it consistently.

    “A shirt? But I’m going SWIMMING!”

  4. Peter Rogan

    This is odd. I can’t comment on today’s strip. I get a ‘page not found’ display. Anybody else seeing this, or is it just me? Going back to tweak my security, see if that resolves it.

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