08/19/19 – Earth Invitation







  1. Efogoto

    You promised a big book, and delivered TWO big books. Good on ya lad! Having bought volumes 1, 2, and 3 already though, I am super happy you printed a separate Darkhuenium Pandemonium, and I am in for that with book 2! I look forward to adding Big Book 3 in a few years.

  2. Efogoto

    Ummm … “after slaughtering countless number of people” strikes me as odd. Shouldn’t that be “after slaughtering A countless number of people” or “after slaughtering countless numberS of people”? Either sounds more normal to me. Could just be a tin ear.

  3. ronald

    “All children are born with a learning disability. It’s called “parents”.”

    Sure, and it’s one that they pass down to THEIR children once they themselves are parents. Kids always seem to think that they INVENTED human nature so there’s no way their parents could possibly understand it…

    IMHO Mauricio’s resentment of his father seems just a touch misplaced because it’s not Mr. Z’s fault that he never knew about Mauricio, it’s Mauricio’s mother MS. MONTEROS’s fault.

    I remember (unless I just imagined) a strip in which Mauricio criticizes Mr. Z for not having used protection when he was with Ms. Monteros. Well, at the risk of being mind-numbingly obvious, Mr. Z clearly wasn’t the ONLY one who didn’t use protection on that occasion. It takes at least two people to have unprotected sex. And Mr. Z is, by at least a few sets of standards, an idiot, what was Ms. Monteros’s excuse?

    Really, when you think about it (“So don’t think about it.”), Mauricio has much better reason for being angry at his mother than at his father but, of course, his mother’s dead and beyond his anger so his father has to get all of it.

  4. TB

    A: Anybody making that face in panel 5 isn’t “dead inside.” Maybe other issues.

    B: As far Mr. Zorilla is concerned, he is an astounding idiot, but he’s an astounding idiot who jumped in front of an armed alien to save his son. More than once, in fact. Laying there with one arm blown off, he tried to convince his son that he was not guilty of the murders Jabby had committed.

    And keep that all in mind when you recall that until this story, Mr. Zorilla had never known Mauricio, either.

  5. Thracecius

    I’m with ronald and TB on this one, Mauricio is not responding reasonably, despite what he’s been through.

    Do I blame him for it though? Nope, that’s human nature and to be expected. 🙂

  6. Peter Rogan

    After reading Sr. Zorilla’s remarks throughout this adventure, I would have to say he and his previously unknown son Mauricio share at least one trait: They’re both dead inside. Sr. Zorilla, from the neck up, obviously. Obviously Martina had a far more capable mother. And the advantage of never having met dear old Dad. Yeeesh!

    1. Meran

      TBH, Mauricio is ~mostly dead, as in, most of his body has been changed to Jabby’s requirements.
      I admit I don’t care much for Mr Z. I kinda liked him at first… but this second book has shown a different side of him.

      And Efogoto has THREE volumes of the Spacetrawler books?? But there are only two in the Kickstarter? Will I be missing one after all?

  7. salamurai

    oh good. stuff happened to me in 2011 & 2012 and I didn’t get around to buying books 2 & 3 of the original series (which I think were $20 a pop). Now i just have to reserve $60 in my budget and get both series in print!

  8. Myk Streja

    Like all children who have ever existed, they all seem to forget that their parents grew up too, and there is nothing those children are going through that is unique and special to them only.

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