08/15/19 – Double Vendetta




Ah, we’ve all had friends like that, haven’t we?


      1. Bonker of Things

        As long as it’s 1 litre or less, you can alwas re-pack your big punch into several smaller ones, though I don’t think it’s worth the hassle just for some carry-on punches; at least I can hold myself until I’m at the luggage conveyer belt. Though, when I think of it, it would be handy with a punch or two in my hand bag to deal with all of the people dog-piling the belt, maybe re-packing is worth the hassle after all…

  1. ronald

    On another note, Wezzle’s ex must indeed be in dire circumstances if he had to resort to a written letter on PAPER. I’d imagine that actual literal dungeons would be the only places in the G.O.B. where one wouldn’t even have e-mail access.

      1. Peter Rogan

        Paper of any sort doesn’t exist in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. It’s explicit in their writers’s guidelines: Everything is some sort of display, even if words are written on buildings or ships. No paper, no synthplastic. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. I can’t make the DVR work.

          1. Bonker of Things

            In all the sci-fi movies where every piece of writing is on hand-held see-through screens, how do they keep their stuff secret from prying eyes? I guess the iShield is an optional accessory that only cost 50% of the price of the flexi-screen itself.

  2. TB

    Slightly off-topic, but maybe not, just dived into your new Kickstarter and made a pledge! Okay, I’m buying the first series again too, but it’s worth it.

    Please, please make sure the printer puts a decent binding on these! I’ve had a number of trade paperbacks (not yours) start shedding pages after only a few months. It’s a particular problem with larger books.

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