08/21/19 – The Usual




We’ve reached the first stretch goal of $8,000! Yay!
The “Devyat Isn’t Taking Any Guff enamel pin!
At this point:
  • any backer who has purchased a physical object (levels $18-$76) can add the pin to their order by just upping their pledge $8 (no extra shipping).
  • Anyone in the $200+ levels gets it free as a bonus.
  • Anyone below $18 (PDFs, donations) can also receive it by upping their pledge:  $10/US  $13/CAN  $23/RestOfWorld
The SECOND stretch goal is set at $10,000. When I did the strip recently about Wezzle and Bikkie teaming up, there seemed a lot of excitement about it. And so at $10,000 I will do a five page (that’s ten strips) short story of their adventure! and since I promise to keep it short, I can include it in the back of BIG Book 2!
The THIRD stretch goal is set at $14,000, at which point any backer who has purchased a physical object gets a free bikkie band-aid dispenser. (yes, free!)



  1. Meran

    Some advice Chris… when you add a link to your page, remember to have it “open in a new tab”. That way, we don’t lose your website, it can stay open as a tab on my iPad… and YOU don’t lose us in the process.

    Scolding over. CAN’T WAIT FOR MY BOOKS!

  2. ronald

    Isn’t she an unrepentant mass murderer? Am I remembering that part of the earlier saga correctly? Didn’t she destroy a spaceship full of sentient beings RIGHT IN FRONT OF NOGG? I’m not sure how much value he should attach to her opinion in the first place.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Capitalism at work, which I approve. We really don’t pay our poets what they’re worth. Hence, merchandise!

    It’s good to see Yuri not on the verge of a destroying rage. Powers diminished or not, she still has the berserker’s lack of fear for fire or iron, and will demolish by main strength regardless of the cost. Pedrocelli notwithstanding, the lack of the physical appearance of the mop gives me hope this meeting will end amicably. I think we can all agree she’s earned that. Nogg, not so much. But even he may escape with most of his skin intact.

    And what of the slinten pods??

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