08/29/19 – Possibilities


  1. Efogoto

    Hearing the siren song of a tempting opportunity can be hard to resist. Perhaps the Furryite ability that quells Eeb telekinesis works on human desire to heed siren songs as well. It’s either that, or Yuri is really into dominoes.

  2. Jude

    Good grief, Christopher! Don’t you take any breaks between comics? Where do you get all your energy and motivation from? And are you even human and not an alien from the galactic system you seem to gave such an intimate knowledge of? Are you our new overlord too?

    I *very* much enjoyed these last two Spacetrawler adventures and looking eagerly forward to adventure 3!!! Thank you for such grand entertainment, especially since I dislike watching TV and ovies and refer reading.

  3. Happy Yuri! I’m glad!

    Congrats, Christopher, and thanks, I love my almost daily spacetrawler page, laughing is a great way to begin the day.

    I’m so happy to know there will be more spacetrawler adventures, your characters are so endearing, I look forward to seeing more of them…

  4. Pax

    First time comment, I stumbled upon the comic sometime in the middle of this second run, read up from the beginning, and have been following along ever since. I just want to thank you for all the work and creatively you’ve poured into this fine comic the years. I’ll be sure to stick around through the next phase.

    But I actually posted to comment on that very last panel.

    Purple robo feet!

  5. Rikard

    If Yuri ain’t happy, ain’t no-one happy, yes? Well done, mr Artist! Your comics are what others aspire to be, in my opinion. Tight Schedule, well written, drama, emotion, tension, humour, action and all with thematically appealing pacing.

    If one were to speculate about the next outing, I somehow got the bizarre idea that Dustin of all people steals a ship on Earth and kidnaps a bunch of thelbuians to topple the UN, or something equally … hm, one shouldn’t use ‘retarded’ as a pejoratice… “alternatively sapient”, yes, that will do I think.

    Anyhow, more Spacetrawler is the best Spacetrawler (excepting the actual drivesystem, that is).

  6. Peter Rogan

    Oh, great. As soon as Yuri said it, I could picture her taking over Gounder’s foundering empire, giving it focus and a new vigor as she explores new means to extract protection money and punish evildoers who think she’s either like them or a pushover, and growing quite fond of the work. A dastardly undoing of all her work, and Martina’s, to keep her safe and away from murder as a profession.

    That said, it’s been my experience that the best stories don’t shut down their characters and leave them in HappyEverAfterLand. Living characters have lives that go beyond the story, and will and do, even if we’re not watching. The clumsy end to “The Sopranos” thumbed its nose at its audience, mocking this concept. The far better ending is from “The Watchmen” (the graphic novel, not the movie), with the hapless publisher’s assistant at “The New Frontiersman” about to find Rorschach’s mailed journal exposing the false end of the world, and preceded, naturally, by Dr. Manhattan’s reply to Adrian Veidt’s question, “Did I do the right thing, in the end?”

    To which of course, Dr. Manhattan replies, with a rare smile, that “Nothing ever really ends,” and melts to a new universe. And there you go.

    Lemonade and dominoes are a fine way to signal this story is over, and the characters we have met and come to know go on, even if we’re without their other stories. For now. Nothing ever really ends.

  7. Coyoty

    Spacetrawler 3: Darkness’ End. I want to see how Earth reacts when it’s no longer dark and discovers there’s not only a galactic confederation, but Earth is already a major delegate and financial force. And Dustin was once its misrepresentative.

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