09/04/17 – Fastest Ship



Kickstarter! Kickstarter! 



The 5 page (10 strip) story of Wezzle and Bikkie begins!

And, ahhhh, in my first day of sort-of true respite in a while (pencils for Willowweep Manor were due Sunday) I went to Bone Springs (a local art gallery) and painted a ceramic bowl for them for a charity auction thing they’re doing, and it was really fun. Already beginning to feel human again.

Oh, and I finished last week’s journal comic, you can read it here:



  1. Jude

    “…unimaginative to not explore theoretical.” Who’s been teaching Bikkie bigger words? Or has he spent his spare time reading dictionaries and thesauruses or thesaurI (take your pick? Don’t worry, Bikkie. I’m sure with whoever’s going to board you, you’ll get the opportunity to yell your favourite word – BLOOD!

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