10/09/19 – Book 9 Chapter 1 — Earth

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 9, 2019.




Ah set-up. Making sure I put enough info in for new readers who are just starting with this story. It’s fun to try to think what it’s like to be a new reader seeing this madness for the first time.

So, I’m formatting the story slightly different this time. Rather than splitting the story into three parts (“books”), it will all be one “book” and have more (and likely shorter) parts (“chapters”).

Also, no Nogg/narrator framing device. I LOVE that framing device, it’s clunky and ridiculous and fun, but felt this story might work better without it. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. Jude

    I was going to say something very similar to what Efogoto said.

    Alright! Listen up new readers! As tempting it might be to jump into this story, you’re missing a huge part -the entire background. So this is an ORDER! GO TO THE VERY BEGINNING AND READ IT ALL.

    There – I did my public duty. šŸ™‚

  2. Rex Vivat

    Well… “the best head of security they’ve ever had” doesn’t really mean “the best head of security they could have” or even “the best head of security you could be”. It just means all the others were worse.

  3. TB

    Okay, is Choan making fun of Emily’s ship by saying it looks like a steel shed, or that it can actually disguise itself as a real steel shed? This is important, as something that looked like a shed got squashed on the first page, and this page might be a flashback…

    What? Overthinking this? Ha! The others said I was mad, too!

    1. Myk Streja

      Um, geez, I don’t know. Is madness catching? After you said that, I went back for another look. That would be a hell of a coincidence if the shed were Emily’s ship. Is this the end of Emily?

  4. Meran

    I know the recommendation I’m about to make is light reading for you, Chris… but even those of us who love the heavy stuff need to read fun stuff now and then…. you’d get ideas like the shed cloaking !!

    Read Jodi Taylor’s Historian series. Fun! Drama! Humor! History lessons! Here’s a link to the order: https://joditaylor.online/blogs/news/chronicles-of-st-marys-reading-order

    Don’t let the number of books she’s produced intimidate or cause you to look elsewhere (my eyes roll when I see some of these world building fantasy authors printing out books so fast they really don’t have time to come up with new plots. They bore me with the repetition.) Ms Taylor has kept my very jaded attention for several years now.

    And it’d give you chuckles too, how the ppl interact…

    Am ~~patiently waiting for my Spacetrawler books ????

  5. Peter Rogan

    Per my note of yesterday, when you have created a fertile ground to grow stories, it can be very productive indeed. “Spacetrawler” is just getting started; it has much to grow, and room immeasurable to grow into. Trey Parker and Matt Stone some ten years ago said they could see the day when “South Park” was remembered as being originally about four kids in a Colorado small town. I see they’re still at it.

    Sixteen years ago a strange set of circumstances led me to construct a new science-fiction role-playing campaign to keep my local gaming group together. I have turned those adventures into four novels so far and will complete a ten-volume series when I am done. And my successor campaign is now in its twelfth year and has far to go along the arc I planned for it. Haven’t begun to think how to novelize it, but I could. Easily. And entertain people greatly along the way, I’d like to think.

    So I have great faith in the strength and narrative of “Spacetrawler” and the history and depth it has yet to reveal in dimensions unimaginable. And I look forward to catching them all as they come out, popcorn and drink handy. So roll on, Christopher, roll on! This party’s only just getting started.

    Read much of Dick Calkin’s work? A little before your time, but he was there before even “Flash Gordon.” For forty years of creation. (http://rolandanderson.se/comics/buckrogers/buckrogers.php) It’s a beautiful example, and I find your admirable footsteps now going the same way. Following best I can.

    1. Meran

      I believe South Park is in its twenties ???? But yeah, they’ve certainly kept it going… partly by making fun of ~everyone and ~everything sacred!

      I doubt I live close enough to you, but I’d kill to join your gaming group. Have a member who’s been giving you much grief? Point me in that direction… ????

      I’ll look that up. I’ve not read any Buck Rogers, though I’ve read Burroughs. And lots of other authors. Thanks for the recommendation!

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