10/08/19 – Finding The Address

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 8, 2019.




The plot thickens! Well, just a tiny bit.

Thank you for the feedback people gave me about making the site accessible to the visually impaired. I am reading, thinking, and looking at different options! Whether or not I continue with the audio, I will keep doing it for now. šŸ™‚


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Unless otherwise noted I see this as part of previous stories.

    If not then they either have a narrow range of intelligence measured or they really have a jaundiced view of anyone not as advanced as they are. But one would expect that scientists will have a decent narrow spread of intelligence at higher levels than your average population.

    They look like cute puppies that walk on 2 legs, have hands and have big soulful eyes. Perfect for humans if they are seen would not consider them a threat. Any reports of them will be considered a joke at best, hallucinations at worst.

    Looks interesting. My antenna are up!

  2. Jude

    Where they landed, they definitely avoided detection. Anyone who might’ve seen them has been obliterated – squashed flat.

    When Fancy-Necktie says it “could mean the life or death of a child”, I’m assuming he’s referring to a ‘pup’ of their own species, not humans?

  3. Pax

    The large head and eyes lead me to believe that they were short, cute creatures, until the fourth panel by the door, when you can see that they’re as tall or taller than humans. And somehow that scale shift makes them horrifying!

  4. russell styles

    I’m going to assume that they are evil, and fairly stupid.

    Most of the GOB species seem to be quite stupid. One wonders if any of them, aside from a small minority, are actually sentient. Seems like the technology can make non sentient creatures seem sentient.

  5. Peter Rogan

    I think: A Galaxy populated with millions of aliens of different species, different emotions, different levels of technological and sociological mastery, and yet imbued with needs they can’t fulfill at home and must journey elsewhere to get.

    And they turn up on Earth. Where something we don’t think of as that terribly valuable is their cancer cure, or Holy Grail, or key to winning a genocidal war.

    And I think: God, what stories couldn’t you put here? Earth the focal point. Better yet, certain selected Earthlings the unlooked-for saviors.

    Found my popcorn. Got my drink. Ready for the rest of the first reel.

  6. Myk Streja

    They speak of their intelligence as if they’re positive they’re more intelligent than humans, yet their idea of eluding detection includes crushing a dwelling and an outbuilding while landing a distance from their target. I hope they’re not counting on humans who do spot them going “Awwww, puppies!”

  7. Muzhik

    Oh, please, please, PLEASE! Do NOT turn this into a shaggy dog story!

    So they’re bipedal, about our size, with eyes three times as large as ours. I suspect they come from a planet that, for whatever reason, is about Earth’s size (no trouble walking upright down the street) but gets MUCH less human-visible light. Maybe their sun is smaller and more reddish, leading to more infrared radiation? Hmmm….

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