10/17/19 – Gearing Up


  1. Muzhik

    Not to mention the question of how she bought a high-powered rifle (I mean, c’mon, she’s not going out there with just a .22LR), along with the clothes, using what for money, and without having to fill out and pass a background check? (For the rifle, not the clothes. I mean, SHE could turn a hanky into something dangerous, but it’s not your typical offensive weapon.

    1. Keith

      We don’t get a real feel for how long between picking the rifle and receiving it. Nominal week to 10 days and she has GOB credentials. A lot depends on the state. Last time I bought a new rifle (10 years ago) I THINK, I carried it out the same day…mind not some high dollar supah powah rifle. But that’s because, well…I don’t need supah powahful. I’m good enough average will do. 😉

    2. @Muzhik, It would be easy enough with a space synth to make papers/ID etc if she needs them, and regarding Texas/NM/Arizona? Ha! There is no waiting period on firearms down here (whee!).

      And I could have gone into how she could have gotten money, but it didn’t interest me. I mean, she’s been working as the head of the galactic security, so she certainly has “space money” and there are multiple ways off the bat I can think of her getting earth money (or asking Dimitri to pick some up for her on one of his trips back home).

      1. Gregg Eshelman

        The “instant” background check tends to take around 30 minutes. Once the FFL holder gets the call back and there’s no “Nuh-uh, can’t buy one.” from the feds you can pay for the firearm and be out the door.

        Cell phones made it possible for dealers at gun shows to access NICS with quick turnaround so customers can have their purchases the same day.

        As for the “gun show loophole” or “private sale loophole” there are (IIRC) 33 States where private sellers are required to have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) holder do an NICS check on the buyer.

        Some gun shows don’t allow private sellers to pay for a table and sell anything for which an NICS is required. Any that do will (or should) require an FFL holder at the show to do an NICS, even in States that require NICS for private sales.

        None of that prevents screwups *by government employees* failing to enter data into NICS that would prevent a person from legally buying a firearm.

        1. Gregg Eshelman

          I forgot to mention that us ordinary folk who haven’t paid for an FFL *are not allowed* to access the NICS system. Anywhere in the USA, even where not required, we can go to a store (or pawnshop) that sells firearms and ask them to do an NICS. Some may do it for free, or charge something for their time. Best to be friendly and buy something while you’re taking up their time calling NICS.

          But then there are the *special* people who insist they aren’t allowed to do that unless they’re the seller. Can print the relevant regulations out and show it to them and they’ll insist it ain’t so. Fortunately that’s a very tiny minority of FFL holders. Nobody should buy guns, or anything else, from them. Never know what else they’ll be doing wrong that could cause you trouble.

  2. Number 12

    Plan for hitchhiking: 1) Buy trenchcoat and hat. 2) Buy rifle. 3) Stand by the road.

    Until I read the comments I figured that this scene was simply set in Australia.

    Also, flannel guy has got some smooth pickup game.

  3. Peter Rogan

    For somebody who claims not to be familiar with guns, Christopher, that’s a pretty convincing rifle rack you’ve got there. I thought I recognized a Winchester design or two among them, a little modified to be sure, but they’re distinctive long arms. I salute your morgue, which has more stuff in it than I imagined.

    Emily being such a rough-and-ready character, I won’t bother mentioning water, a tent (not carried, I can see) or even her bedroll, which I imagine is thin the way she grew up with it. All of this just makes me think that her soul, like the rest of her, is going to be one tough chew. Even for her. I’d wish her well, but I know she’s going to be interrupted. Hell, it’s what I would do. Nobody’s plans work out the way they thought they would to begin with. That’s where the fun comes in. Sometimes armed!

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      I have a very nice, black microfiber trenchcoat I got at a thrift store for only $10. A friend bought a leather one at the same place for $10. Not easy for him to find one that fit his physical stature. He really wanted a duster, because of The Dresden Files books, but he was happy with the trenchcoat.

      Of course the store was having a $10 sale on all coats, no matter the style or material.

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