10/21/19 – Lunch Time


    1. minando

      For world-wide-vegetarism and other crimes against the natural order of…


      That said, I’m totally for world peace.

  1. Pedrocelli

    She forgot she still has the chip implanted.

    Bikkie interacts with people (of all varieties) very differently now to the way he did before he could understand them. Now Emily is about to find that its a sword that cuts both ways.’

  2. Knicholas

    Oh my God I never thought of this!

    As another great sci fi cartoonist once said, “Food that talks isn’t food”!

    Food. Food food food. That’s a funny word. Foooooood. It’s like it doesn’t have any meaning when you say it a lot.

    1. DSL

      An old-timey diner near me has a big sign out front that says “GOOD FOOD.” Makes me wonder why the words don’t rhyme — and should they have the “oooh” sound of “food” or the “oouh” sound of “good”?

  3. Owen Smith

    In a Space 1889 RPG I’m playing in, we’ve discovered that cetaceans speak various dialects of an Ancient Martian language. We have two porpoises as friends now. Sadly there is a worldwide whaling industry, which it may be difficult for us to do anything about.

  4. Rikard

    Mmmm – bonus! Now she can easily test the quality of the meat:

    -“So, any intestinal parasites, infections, that kind of stuff?”
    -“Oh no, I’m very healthy, how nice and considerate of you to ask!”

    Ka-blam, thud, weaze, fart, trickle.

    Om-nom-nom; the sound of the circle of Life.

  5. Peter Rogan

    Before she can chew on her own soul, I see Emily has at least one additional unexpected meal in front of– Well, actually, behind her, to be factual. Let’s see how she resolves the conundrum.

    I won’t project here because I eat octopus unapologetically. Emily’s education has taken her far. So let’s see how she resolves the conflict.

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