10/22/19 – Talking Coyote

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, October 22, 2019.




Everything is food until you talk to it, or it talks to you, depending on your threshold (or if you’re hungry enough).


    1. Paul

      Eh? She’s clearly burning her gun while her (and coyote) are eating her beans. A bit of a dramatic gesture with the gun, I can’t imagine it adds a whole lot to the fire’s output.

    1. Torn

      Given that she was raised by them… and still ate them, one would think that being able to understand them wouldn’t make much of a difference.

      But people are complicated I guess.

  1. I have been puzzled by the notion of eating coyotes. As more or less apex predators, and especially in the modern, human contaminated world, they are going to have a concentration of all the ick they have previously foraged. (and I like those scruffy pups)

  2. As for the naming food thing:

    Naming your food is actually pretty common, though not universal. Farmers name many or most of their animals before they slaughter them. My friend’s family who raised rabbits named them all and then ate them all.

    Same with my brother’s attempt at homesteading.

    Now conversing with your food is a whole other thing.

    P.S. I do hope she didn’t chuck live ammunition in the fire.

      1. KQY 61

        We have a bull which I named ‘Hamburger’ when he was born. Originally, that was deemed not a real name and he would become food. But, there was something about him and so we then decided to keep him as a bull and not make him a steer. These days, I refer to him as ‘Burger Boy’. And, he is a really nice bull, not all mean and nasty as they sometimes become.

        We also have a cow named Daisy, and she was meant to be a permanent part of the family from Day One. Hence, a real name rather than a funny one like ‘Ribeye’. 😉

    1. Bonker of Things

      Tossing ammunition into fire is mostly harmless (though I wouldn’t go as far as declaring it safe). As there is no gun to hold and direct the pressure, the casings will burst open and most of the propellant gasses will dissipate to the sides instead of forcing the bullet forward. With that said, I do NOT encourage anyone to actually try. The bullets can still fly out and there is always a risk of something going wrong, just because a random stranger on an online forum claim domething to be mostly harmless does not make it so. Everyone is responsible for their own actions so think before you act!

  3. Peter Rogan

    Too bad about disposing of the gun. Sooner or later Emily’s going to ask the coyotes where she can get food, and she’s going to be a little short of ideal when she’s told to run down a rabbit or dig out a gila monster. Unless she asks them for food, and they dicker with her over what they get out of it… aaaaand suddenly it’s a GOB situation again.

    Never mind your furryites. When all the meat talks to you, are you down to canned beans and spinach for the rest of your life? Away from a food synth, at least.


    I absolutely love how we have seen the great lengths she went to get rid of all her weapons, and her past outfit, and appeared to strip her gear down to the absolute, Terran, basics… and the first opportunity that comes along, we see her pull out a GOB translator chipper.

    What other high tech, specialized gadgets did she consider to essential to part with?

  5. Muzhik

    REminds me of this meme I saw (and now can’t find) that says, “You know you’re a cat lover when you find yourself saying, “I know, I know” to your cat’s random meows.”

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