10/24/19 – What Now?


  1. Kaidah

    When you put them together like that the ships look like modern apartment blocks. Take away the sound effect and the rubble under the one leg and this could be any old suburban street…with, you know, sentient bipedal dogs eating jalapeno chips.

  2. Seymour

    You would think that a spacefaring race would have the ability to just call the landing party to update the list rather than sending another giant ship to crush another Kickstarter funder’s house to update one item on it… 😉

  3. Peter Rogan

    No, no, no! I also refuse to get tied up in the process by which these aliens are making any sort of studies and what the damn hell they expect to find from them. I’m sure it will all come down as a horrible failure to comprehend something in the human condition we take for granted of which the aliens have no experience but loads of questionnaires to fill out, scan in, and quantify to get an answer they are almost ready to comprehend, let alone contemplate. Arrrgh! I know my head is going to hurt and it’s madness sitting here waiting for the pain to ineluctably arrive!

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