10/23/19 – Who’s Next?


  1. Konrad

    To answer the question:
    They need asexual and aromantic control groups. And if they’re treating gay and lesbian as separate things, they should seek out trans and nonbinary examples in each category.

    People are complicated.

    1. Ryan

      Presumably, they need to also put everyone into something like the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” from dragonball Z, so the don’t have to wait 50 years for results. Whenever someone starts to complain, they just need to put on a cute outfit, go inside and say “Pretty Please?”, and even the most proud butch lesbian in the world will melt.
      Of course, the predictable running joke will be that they have NO IDEA how cute we perceive them to be, having never observed our pets or babies, and the subject’s reactions to seeing them will confuse the heck out of them.

  2. Kaidah

    I’ve never heard the collective noun for the members of a polyamorous relationship before. I’ll add it to my list of neat but probably useless phrases like a clowder of cats or a congress of ravens.

    By the way Chris, the “first strip current series” link still takes us back to the beginning of book five.

    1. Daremonai

      While it comes up as a joke now and then, it is not really used as a collective noun in the poly community. At best it is used as a ‘clever’ replacement for ‘orgy over 4 people’.

        1. Daremonai

          Polycule is the most common, after that probably ‘chosen family’. A few of the more burner-oriented clusters often use ‘tribe’, but that gets push back if they do it in the wider community.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Christ, these guys again. Who taught them how to park a spaceship? Bikkie?

    I refuse to get involved in determining the ways people find sexual partners, or else I’ll start quoting “The Dreamers” or “The Cement Garden” and then we’ll have the riot and the Vice Squad and the whole damn show will disintegrate into madness. Again!

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