12/18/19 – Book 9 Chapter 2 — Durnheim-3

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 18, 2019.




I love in each Spacetrawler iteration remembering the awe the characters new-to-space must feel.



    Pluto is currently about 33 astronomical units away from Earth. Crossing that distance in one second means going at 16000 time the speed of light. That is enough to go to Alpha Centauri in 2 hours and half, or reach the center of the galaxy in 20 months. I guess they were not yet at top speed.

  2. Julia

    I just noticed that Aitana’s glasses are cracked. I sure hope the medibot corrects her vision or fixes her glasses or something. Looking through a cracked lens must get annoying after a while.

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