12/23/19 – Food Synths

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 23, 2019.




Emily is one of those rare people who actually DON’T want to know any of your business, unless it’s directly relevant.


  1. Jude

    Emily’s use of “want” = desire to know for sound reasons that I may or may not tell you and/or others that desire to know too for sound reasons relating to all of us. Yeah, want is the simpler way of stating it.

  2. DSL

    There are things I’d rather not know, but have to — either because I need the information to function effectively or because someone insists on me knowing about them.
    Is there a word for “being forced to listen to gossip about things you’d rather not know about people you don’t care about”?

  3. Meran

    Chris, will you please give us (me) a note on name pronunciation? I really am lost with afew of these.
    Thank you, and I won’t wish you a merry Christmas because I know you’ll be having one whether I wish it or not ????
    Thanks are doubled for this wonderful gift you give me (us) so often!

  4. Streb

    Can’t entirely see Emily going after this for the sake of biggotry, or that she’ll give a flying flip about someone’s identity. Given how self defensive both individuals are, and justifiably so given their own lives up to this point, I can’t entirely see it resolving easily, given Emily is going at this with the subtlety of a sledgehammer.
    Maybe what Emily really needs are people willing to call her out on her misteps, but bear with her for it.

  5. Muzhik

    Christopher, this is a bit of a tangent, BUT…

    It appears Cookrookery is down. According to my browsers (multiple brands) the connection times out. It’s been this way since I tried to find a recipe on there about two weeks ago and it wouldn’t let me.

  6. Pete Rogan

    So Emily’s picked up on Chipu’s bad vibes. Not just his not wanting to go along until he was assured of medical care, and not just his contempt for Emily’s authority. I shouldn’t be surprised.

    But what Chipu’s hiding could be a very nasty surprise indeed. Just what did he do back in Bhutan that got him kicked out — or forced him to flee — or made him a fugitive from justice — or all three and more? It’s obvious there’s bad news in his backstory.

    What Emily is NOT saying is that Chipu’s chances of getting away with it have dwindled down to one thing: Telling her the truth. If Chipu lies and it’s obvious, no one back on Earth is going to know he was vented to space somewhere between here and Monoceros. Chipu seems bright, but a little dim and dull about self-preservation. As criminals tend to be, and desperate criminals most of all. Is he bright enough to figure out he’s beyond Earthly justice and confess what he did? Or will he try to con Emily out of her question entirely?

    In which case…. stand by to cycle the airlock!

  7. Night-Gaunt49

    For ship’s security including everyone on the ship Emily must ask such things. She is required in this case no matter what she otherwise would never care to bother anyone on this. She is acting as the captain in this case over just Emily.

    Not a fan of those who see dumping someone out the airlock as an easy answer to troublesome people has become a hoary cliche in a way ever since it was invented in the space opera. Just a niggling pet peeve showing up now and again. I’ll put it away now.

    Emily knows that somewhere down the line something she isn’t told after she asks for it will bite her and them at some crucial moment.

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