12/31/19 – Still Crying

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 31, 2019.




And her next line as the door closes, “And I suppose that instead of saying ‘fine, let me give you a hug,’ I should have just given him a hug.”

Have a happy new year out there, and be careful of drunken drivers!


    1. TB

      I follow another comic called “Quantum Vibe.” In that future, not only is gender flippable, but people also run around in artificial bodies, animal bodies, and basically anything they can imagine and manage to operate without falling over.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the other procedures we’ve seen have either been fairly minor or involved cybernetic enhancements. Pretty different from actual genetic alterations and tweaking the squishy bits, so I’m not surprised. Changing someone’s genetic makeup and physical characteristics might be trickier than slapping on some robotic parts.

    1. Coyoty

      You can have a flying car. You just have to pay a lot of money for it and learn to fly it. A lot of “future” stuff is already commercially available but the Where’s My people want it for free and autonomous.

      1. D. Schwartz

        No they just want it affordable, like buy a Honda Fit or a flying Honda Avia for within 1000 dollars. Now with full automation…maybe?

        But with heavy computer assist, and occasional automation, yes.

      2. Richard

        “where’s my” is a nod to the disappointment that what industry was promising “in the near future” never materialized.
        Sure, a lot of “future” stuff is indeed available – just not my ‘flying car’. 8^)
        I don’t mean a Mini with wings bolted to it, or something belching flames out its arse, i do mean an anti-grav vehicle that is practical for everyday use.
        And I don’t want it for free; I had no trouble paying $54000 for a car in 2001 that I am still driving.
        The bottom line is that it was the “promise of the future” that we haven’t lived up to – for various socio-economic reasons.
        Said 2001 car still gets 35+MPG highway – and yet ads are boasting new economy cars with lower highway ratings.

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