02/13/20 – Ready To Talk?

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 13, 2020.




I’ve been getting a lot of practice drawing trees in the “Willowwweep Manor” graphic novel. Fun!


  1. Pete Rogan

    Not a stun setting, I see. Kregger can count himself lucky that his jetpack was what Emily was shootin’ at.

    Now comes the fun interrogation which Emily, however much she despises it, is good at. Now that she knows the Puppy-people have been working with outsiders, making this an intraGalactic crime syndicate, she’s got motivation to get some good answers out of Kregger.

    Then she can also shake him down for how to get back to his place without drawing Durn fire. Going into the treetops is a good way to spoil their aim but it’s a lousy place to make time going somewhere else. Presuming, of course, that Emily can get a sightline in those trees, which I somehow doubt quite a bit.

    And not to sound like a broken record, where ARE those murderous deceiving kawaii-cursed aliens? And their helmets, too. And are they paid for yet or not? Emily may have an ace up her sleeve here regardless. Never mind the Durn gunners.

  2. Muzhik

    Then she can also shake him down for how to get back to his place without drawing Durn fire.

    Well, in the strip “Hover Taxi” (https://www.baldwinpage.com/spacetrawler/2020/01/23/012320-hover-taxi/), she notes that there’s a 2-foot allowance for “ground” vehicles.

    So she gives him a choice: going face up or face down. Then she stands on him and rides him as the rocket pack (that gets fixed somehow) carries them both about 2-feet off the ground.

    1. Pete Rogan

      Among the other things that won’t work, Kregger himself appears to be about three feet wide. Just scudding along the ground, losing his belt buckle, might draw some Durn attention.

      And unless there’s a way to remotely control the jetpack, Emily would have to let Kregger pilot, which is a nice invitation to fly under storefront awnings and stout branches to dislodge Emily forthwith. Which would also gather some Durn notice.

      I don’t think Emily can ride Kregger to safety. And there’s not a Durn thing she can do about it.

      1. Muzhik

        OOO! OOO! I KNOW!

        EMILY straps Kregger to her back, and SHE goes scudding along the ground. If the Durn have a problem with it, HE can work as ablative shielding to protect her. The sooner they can reach (relative) safety, the greater the chance that he’ll arrive .. un-ablated(?)

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