07/01/20 – Begun Drinking

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 1, 2020.




Of course, so far they haven’t engaged space, it is only space which has engaged them. Maybe that time will come.


    1. Meran

      Agreed! Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the True Forms?
      It’d be funny if they were really Cats. (Go on, you know you want to… begin to extrapolate… Evil Cats, wanting to get Dogs blamed for the atrocities they’re committing in the Known Universe. )

  1. Pete Rogan

    You know, I’ve wondered about the Puppy-people, too. For an unknown race, they seem to have A) a lot of resources including ships, B) a pretty comprehensive knowledge of the Galaxy as a source of other resources (humanity included), and C) a lot of allies, new-made or otherwise, that they’re exploiting ruthlessly.

    Getting any one of these for a newly star-faring race costs time, effort, and embarrassment getting translated into experience. Getting all three…. tells me that the Puppy-people have been a long time at this game, staying out of sight. Not easy in the least, and expensive in terms of effort and people. Maybe their appearance helps against the innocent, but some of the tricks they use are NOT innocent (i.e., burning down entire warehouses). Where and how did they learn them?

    I’d give a great deal to know how they came up with their tactics and their ultimate end, for which crushed houses are the least of their prices. A real study in racial ponerology, I should say. What are they after, and what are they willing to exchange for it?

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I agree with the others here. Those “puppy” aliens are a conundrum which suggests subterfuge involved and what do their exteriors hide from us and the galaxy?

    For all we know if we saw them unmasked and with their normal technology we would not recognize them unless they are a known species after all.

    I like this secrecy here.

  3. Muzhik

    Don’t forget: the first Apex Head (Leader? I forget…) wasn’t exactly the most … ethical of leaders. He would need, or at least find useful, a large number of creatures that don’t look dangerous in order to do the dangerous stuff.

    Considering the previous secret society in the last book, it’s very likely that the Puppy People were the Apex Head’s “invisible arm”, moving things without letting people know things were moved.

  4. Pete Rogan

    On the other hand, if the Puppy-people are NOT in disguise, this would explain a good deal of their natures.

    Always ending up on the right side of whatever race encountered, always given a little extra help, always patronized… Perhaps the Puppy-people learned this was a great way to trick people into what they needed, and just went on from there. Certainly they were aware of what their appearance did to Aitana’s parents, until they wised up and were knocked out for that.

    This, of course, suggest that the Puppy-people were never that trustworthy to begin with. We know already that short muzzles and wide eyes are a nearly universal mammalian trait of their young, which protects them from mildly-interested predators. What would it be like to grow up on a planet whose entire zoology never left the immature form? There’d be no stimulus to be kind at all. Just basic urges to feed and dominate. Entire phyla of creatures with no tendency to any form of kindness. A world of short-muzzled, wide-eyed predators and ambush killers.

    This makes me think there may be a reason the Puppy-people want a new planet. A place where they were the only cute-faced top predator around. Something to think about. Then go to the bar. Christ, what a picture!

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