07/02/20 – Ruddock Doesn’t Like it

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 2, 2020.




For all the drinking jokes in Spacetrawler, I am more of Ruddock here than most things.


  1. Pete Rogan

    In vino veritas, as demonstrated by a supposedly-lesser species. THAT would make me think before drinking. Probably not stop me, though. I overthink quite a lot. Yessir. Quite a damn bit.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Types of people when drunk.

      The Happy Drunk. Everything becomes hilarious to them. The sort of audience a stand up comedian loves.

      The Angry Drunk. Mad at the world, or something more specific, and definitely lets everyone in earshot know about it.

      The Mean Drunk. Similar to Angry Drunk but violent. Likes to throw and break things and punch people, either in general or specific. The specific ones tend to hit their spouse or other domestic partner.

      The I’m Just Fine Drunk. Tends to do things they’re not alert or coordinated enough to handle, like driving. May seem alert and be perfectly coherent even with several drinks in them.

      The Sleepy Drunk. They drink, they go to sleep. Not so bad if where they fall asleep is in a safe location. Tend to get rude drawings and words written on them by “friends”.

      The Morose Drunk. Gets all mopey and silent, until asked “What’s got you down, pal?” then you get to hear *everything* that’s got them down, sometimes for hours. May switch to Angry Drunk Mode when they get to the Real Reason they’ve gone to the bar or pub to get blotto.

      1. Pete Rogan

        Seen ’em all. Plus a couple more.

        The Paranoid Drunk: Seems fine until he or she has had a few. Then gets moody and sharp-eyed, watching people and mentally listing the reasons they’re out to get the drinker. Gets defensive when told it’s time to cut back or head home, and may lash out at his or her date at the door, on the way to the car, or on the way home. Sudden and violent.

        The Amorous Drunk: However they came in — moody, angry, happy — a few drinks and they’re friendly, close, and physical. Happens to men and women and while we are growing sensitive to the guys getting glad-handy, it’s the women who frighten me. Often they find a back bedroom or a closet or a corner of the backyard and will not take ‘no’ for an answer, and guys are generally not like to report the event – not even later, when the herpes shows up.

        The Self-Destructive Drunk: Undetectable unless you know their weakness, which can be uncontrollable alcoholism, a real need to become a Mean Drunk, or diabetes, which can turn them into a Sleepy Drunk you can’t wake up. And may stop breathing unless somebody pays attention. Heaven help you if the Self-Destructive turns into Amorous; you’re practically guaranteed a fistfight, a shouting match between couples, or a flock of unforgivable accusations that can break up an entire circle of friends. Do not take these people to parties.

        Oh, and almost forgot one more:

        The Amateur Drunk: Fortunately seen among adults only at New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day, but terribly common in high-school kids and college freshmen. Somebody who literally does not know their limit, vulnerable to peer pressure, and — God save us all — does not yet have a type of drunk they turn into. So you will not know who they will turn themselves into, and if you’re especially unlucky, they’ll cycle through the types, sometime more than once, until the inevitable collapse.

        Don’t ask me how I know this.

        1. Gregg Eshelman

          Then there is the Never Drunk. Because we never drink anything with alcohol. Two reasons for me. #1 I have no desire to discover why my type of Drunk might be. #2 The smell and taste of it are to me absolutely awful. I have a ‘super taste’ for alcohol. Not going to be successful trying to get me drunk via slipping small amounts of alcohol into a string of drinks.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Fortunately the one time I was drunk I noticed and stopped drinking and talking.
    (I was saying way too much than I should tipped me off.)

    Wasn’t one to regularly imbibe alcohol anyway. Now with my medications I can’t even a little bit if I wanted to.

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