07/21/20 – Never Led Wrong

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, July 21, 2020.




Fleenky has actually appeared before in a very small capacity.


    1. Pete Rogan

      This is a hard-and-fast rule in business. Once the CEO slips up, suddenly all his prior decisions wash up and people realize he’s no longer suited to lead. I’ve never seen it fail. Okay, sometimes I’ve seen it instigated and accelerated (pace Ignacio Lopez) but never reversed or even stopped. One mistake and all your enemies come out of the woodwork to chew your failing feet.

  1. Pete Rogan

    And what the devil is Dmitri doing there? He’s not the small-talking type. He’s got some other angle working, and given the way the GOB does “business” I wouldn’t be surprised that it has something to do with an operation that has, or will have, some bearing on the Puppy People’s plans.

    But it isn’t obvious to him now or he’d angle Emily at the part he doesn’t know about, just to make sure his own plan succeeds first. Jeese! It’s starting to get as complex as the maneuvering behind the struggle for Schleswig-Holstein. Only three people understood the matter, Otto von Bismark would later say. One was dead; the other went insane. He himself was the third and he had forgotten most of it.

    —And what fine did DMITRI pay to get Ciara off Earth and into the GOB? More questions!

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