08/17/22 – No Charging

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 17, 2022.




Sometimes a more direct approach makes more sense.


  1. Muzhik

    Reminds me of a comic strip I read mumble-mumble years ago:

    The youngest kid (who was super-smart) was frustrated because he couldn’t get past this one monster guarding the entrance to a cave. His older sister told him, “I was able to get in with no problems.” “HOW!?” he cried, and started listing off all these high-powered spells he used that didn’t work. “Simple”, she replied.

    “I just walked past him.”

    1. Spanner

      My friend and I, “Hero’s Quest” (aka “Quest for Glory”). Needed some green fur. Critter was hiding under a rock. Couldn’t break the rock with sword or spell, could almost lift it but the critter was strong enough to hold it down. Couldn’t sneak up on it, and it never seemed to leave its hidey-hole. We were stumped. My 6-year-old brother walks by. “Why don’t you just ask it for some fur?”

      Knowing glance between my friend and I. Sure, like THAT will work. But just to humor him, we gave it a try.

      Turns out the critter was very chatty and friendly, and more than happy to hand over some clippings.

    2. Schismatism

      I remember that! It was an old Foxtrot strip – Paige was just able to waltz past without engaging, while Jason had spent however long trying to figure out how best to kill the thing.

      There are a few variations on the theme, one notably in an adventure game (suitably named ‘Adventure’.) The go-to for games like that is to come up with some clever and non-intuitive solution to the puzzle, but for once, it went instead like this:

      With what, your bare hands?
      > YES
      You’ve slain the dragon with your bare hands! (Amazing, isn’t it)

  2. Dr. Moosen McMoose, Chief Spymooster of the Moosad

    It’s like Return of the Jedi, but if the Rebels on Endor threw up their hands, said, “Okay, that’s good enough,” and just left.

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