08/19/22 – Avoiding Pursuit

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, August 19, 2022.




Actually, in my experience, that’s what about 90% of planning sessions seems to sound like to me.


    1. Muzhik

      I think the chances are that drinking turns them into proto-Eebs.

      Although, that third guy’s idea about doing a food run to get more cheesy jalapeno chips sounds a lot like m- … uh … I guy I knew once … back in college … yeah. Always ready any time day or night to go on a food run. Especially if it included beer.

  1. donovan s. brain

    The Stribs have obviously been raised by other stribs, and they are all a bunch of sociopaths. They actually DO need someone to raise their children to grow up to be adults, so they are on the right path at least.

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