If you’re wondering all about THIS HIGGS DRIVE, there actually is a thorough history written of it by my friend/consultant Fred. READ IT HERE!

Had a nice weekend. Drove with my dad down to visit family in Philadelphia. Found out later that it was Easter, so that was maybe an extra bonus I guess? I got to play some golf, but I didn’t quite get under par.


04/21/14 Wild Higgs Particles

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  1. So Lamont is the ship’s Particle Man. He must really hate that song.

  2. I like it when you talk tech. One of the highlights of any Star Trek and most of the SiFi I read. And I write it too.

  3. Robert The Addled

    You should read John Ringo’s Looking glass books and that wonderfully bizarre take on the Higgs Bosun.

  4. It’s not enough we have in’suns and out’suns, you want us also to have Higgssuns?

  5. “you want us also to have Higgsssuns?”
    Only if it collapses into a bright flash of nothingness.

  6. Interesting that in “Forbidden Planet” they spoke about “Quantum Mechanics” as in nuts and bolts mechanics in that film. Kind of funny, really.

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