It’s official, I got my approval for a table at the Rose City Comic Con September 20-21 (and don’t forget, I’ll be at TCAF May 9-11, in about 2.5 weeks).

Sadly, today was the last (free at local college) studio drawing until AUTUMN. But happily, I made time and went. Always good to draw different stuff in different styles (ink with washes, straight ink, and pencil). (Drawings covered up because people have asked for that, since they work jobs and such. For the NSFW version, CLICK HERE!)


04/23/14 Feed Scouring

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  1. Humans keep going on about “We’re all going to die!” as if it weren’t a normal occurrence.

  2. So Christoper, have you officially given up on finishing Spacetrawler or..?

  3. Spacetrawler already finished!

  4. #ioio, I coulda sworn Spacetrawler WAS finished.

  5. http://spacetrawler.com/2013/12/10/spacetrawler-375/

    Doesn’t look finished to me!
    I’ve been waiting almost 5 months now. He keeps promising to color those. Damn slacker!

  6. Thank you for the reminders, @ioio (and the friendly ribbing). Yes, I don’t know. I just have some block about it. But I have inked those pages and done the washes and scanned them in. I just have to sit down with half a day and color ’em up. Shouldn’t be that hard, right? :-/

  7. Chris, it’s always hard to day goodbye to your child. But hopefully we’ll see further adventures in that universe one day…

  8. I’m just secretly hoping this and spacetrawler are occurring in the same universe.

  9. @Jeremy, Oh, my dear and fluffy Lord. The aliens they’re going to visit are Krep’s long-lost ancestors — Long, because they went out for a pack of smokes a long time ago, and lost because they just wanted EVERYONE TO SHUT THE F*(CK UP and LEAVE THEM THE F*(CK ALONE! And we’re sending this group to contact them.

    Should be fun.

  10. I’ll take that as a “no” then!

    Finishing stuff can feel very rewarding you know πŸ˜‰

    I’ll keep reminding you. The tab is still open in my browser, eating my memory and wasting my cpu cycles. Hmm.. i should bill you for the power heheh.

  11. @Jeremy: You’re fresh out of luck, I already asked, and the answer was a definitive no.

  12. Of course this is the same universe as Spacetrawler, many years after the events in that story.

    The quiet and secret introduction of advanced technology to Earth failed for the most part, with humans managing (despite multiple hints) to not only avoid developing the Greased Light Speed Drive, but actually invent a MORE complicated way of getting from one place to another in deep space.

  13. I am hoping this is in a whole different universe. So that the aliens we meet are totally unknown to us.

    I wonder how Mr. Scott would handle this kind of engine problem?

    Some experiments like with anti-matter should take place in space or on some asteroid, never on Terra.

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