Today I got a ton of stuff done. I had a huge list. Check. Check. Check.

Sometimes when I have a long list of things to do, I find I’ve done something I never put on the list in the first place. I find it VERY satisfying to then ADD it to the list and cross it off.

Makes me wonder who exactly I’m making these lists for. Am I just trying to impress myself? If so, I could have told myself that I was already impressed with myself BEFORE I even STARTED working on the dang list. Would save me a lot of work.

Maybe I’ll just make a list and cross everything off without doing anything on it. THAT my friends is LIVING.

Anyhow, here’s a doodle of Mal (Nathan Fillion) from Firefly for ya.


04/25/14 How Long Left

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  1. “How much of a wait is there?”
    “Just the normal weight.”
    “But how MUCH?”
    “What are we waiting for?”
    “I think we’re done here.”

  2. How long was this entire event?

  3. @Herander, oh, about four and a half strips.

  4. @Herander, @Muzhik has the right of it. I’m not really sure. Is it important?

  5. Look like al that wobbling shook a few screws loose in Olivia.

  6. I’m not sure this crew was selected based on tightness of their screws. Evidence is mounting to indicate the opposite.

  7. Besides, with Olivia who could tell?

  8. @TB Were they selected for the looseness of their screws? Or perhaps the Lewisness of their screws? Huh. There actually is a Lewis Factor, but it’s for gears, not screws.

  9. The big question is was it just sabotage or just some micro error in that engine? And what is wrong with Olivia? She sounds like the terminal phase of Cruitzfeld-Jackub disease aka prion infiltration of the brain.

  10. @Christopher: Not terribly, no.

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