Had a fun weekend. Went out with friends Friday night. Saturday I perused the farmer’s market before getting a coffee and setting down to write for a couple hours at the library. Later, just before it began raining, I even got some racquetball in. Sunday I went and saw “Dead Poet’s Society” on the big screen, which is such a lovely film. Then I spent a relaxed evening fiddling with reference photos for a new painting and coloring Little Dee pages.

Oh, and Friday, on my way out, I figured out how to form my next comic project together. I found the glue for it so-to-speak. That was exciting.

10/27/14 Unstoppable Plans

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  1. Lessening, rather than lessoning… 🙂

  2. In panel 2, I think it should be “lessening”.

  3. “Uh, hi there, aliens. We just saved your solar system from destruction.”
    “You’re welcome.”

  4. Doing a lot of talking for someone with a DAGGER IN HIS AORTA.

  5. It’s easy to talk a lot with a dagger in your aorta.
    It’s when the dagger is REMOVED that things go downhill quickly.

  6. @Nebulous: I’ve used a knife, professionally. That’s a myth. Go through the heart and lung and they say “ouch” or something like it, if they say anything at all. Death follows in less then three seconds and they go into shock in less time than that, even under an adrenalin rush. Hit the aorta, which is where that dagger is, and they lose so much blood within the first second that they may only get one gasp of breath in before they lose consciousness and slip away.

  7. Lessoning/lessening fixed! Thanks @Hg and @Muzhik.

    @War Pig, he must have just missed the aorta then. 😉

  8. Lessee, let’s see I mean, ouch is not what he would say with one in the heart. He would be dead. After a micro second of pain.

    Oh, I see that the wound moves over and down so it may have just nicked the heart instead of penetrating the heart. Depending on what they have for future medicine he may yet live or maybe locked in stasis for an indeterminate time.

  9. Clearly it’s just his Black Coat training at play. 😉

  10. The first was thrown out the airlock, the second stabbed, the third hung, dead of depression, the fourth ran out of medicine and killed the 5th only to die themselves, the sixth, you don’t want to know how the 6th died.

  11. @Ryan – You just gave me goosebumps!

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