Wednesday I plan to paint ALL DAY. I am very excited and working hard to get everything done today so i won’t have to think about it tomorrow. 🙂

10/29/14 What's Going On

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  1. Well, damn. That’s got to hurt the poor guy. He may be a bit of an asshole (like pretty much everyone on the crew), but that’s still got to hurt.

  2. That means the only guy left to date is Francisco.

  3. Coyoty: As you can see, Francisco is thrilled.

  4. Leaves the question whether any of them will be left to be killed by the aliens.

  5. Hope you have a great day painting

  6. I see it moved back to the side of the chest, despite what you have heard, the heart is in the center of the chest, not to one side. One side is just louder. Still it was bad enough to kill him without any medical work done for him. Seriously dead he is.

  7. Is it just me or is it sort of strange how little blood has come out of that wound?

  8. Doesn’t matter if the heart is in the middle; the sternum would block a dagger from going in the center.

  9. The medical texts I’ve seen and read, not many as I don’t care for the subject, have always shown the heart left of center, and indicate that the left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for the heart.
    Besides, that probably wasn’t a heart shot, it more likely nicked an artery. Otherwise the conversation would have been rather unlikely.
    On the other hand, we are talking about the results of an action scene in a sci-fi web comic, so what the blatz does reality have to do with it anyway?

  10. @Toxicpsychotic, take this as a lesson: if you have been stabbed ANYWHERE (but esp. in the torso), DO NOT PULL OUT THE KNIFE!!! Unless you have multiple stab wounds, the knife (or nail, or other sharp object) is serving to “stop up” the wound like a cork, keeping it from bleeding so much. Let the trauma team at the hospital pull it out, AFTER they’ve got all the equipment in place to stop the bleeding that will happen once the “cork” is pulled out.

  11. Just as long as he does not follow “Aw, Blatz” with “Now I must finish his mission!” That would kind of suck.

  12. @Quasar: No, it won’t. Believe me.

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