06/25/14 Next In Command


For those of you who have been considering supporting my Patreon, especially at the $8 level (where you get a new POSTCARD every month), get in there before the end of the month so as to not miss the first postcard. Catch ’em all, like… um… Pokemon?

As I mentioned, I drew during the local play production (the tech/dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”) through ATF (Adirondack Theater Festival). The pictures are hanging in the lobby for the duration of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” and here are some of the pics I did. If you’re local come in for any of the four shows! 🙂


06/23/14 Taking Charge


Hope everyone had a great weekend. Everything was fine here. I went in and did some drawings during a local play production (the dress rehearsal) of “Fully Committed” starring Sam Lloyd (from “Scrubs”), pictures which will hang in the lobby during the run of the show. It’s a fun program called “TOONing In” (which kinda happened because I saw it done in portland and passed that kernel along). I haven’t scanned them in or anything, but I will soon and share some then.

My sweetie and I FINALLY got to Massachusetts for the first time this year, just barely enough time to do a whirlwind visit of my dad and then my mom. Funny how weekends can be so exhausting!