09/15/10 A Run for the Ship



We went canoeing in Boston Harbor on Monday (That’s in Washington, not the one in Massachusetts). And we saw some huge jelly-fish. Gives me some pause for thought on future alien designs.

Speaking of “pretty,” don’t forget that today’s (and every day’s) original art is for sale (see the big blue box just below the strip).

And lastly, in the news: a few years back, the celestial man’s-best-friend “pluto” lost planet status, but now they’ve found that a-girl’s-best-friend is out there. Someday dogs will be lucky and their best friend, man, will get beyond the moon too.


  1. Sabreur

    @HarlequinTiefling: Of course she did. That was the entire point of having two. It wouldn’t be any fun otherwise! I mean, what would she do, beat up an empty mech? That’s just boring.

  2. Waldhof

    Growp’s vendetta against Emily is one of the best sub-plots ever! Plus, the presentation of that vendetta is pure genius. I particularly like how quickly the humans have taken the surreal chaos around them as a matter of course. Warring mech-bots crash through a (presumably) steel wall and they stand there like its the most normal thing in the universe (maybe it is).

    Except Dustin, who continues to be shocked by each new development.

    I so want the book when it comes out! ;-))

  3. JKCarroll

    @Harlequin, it’s like I wrote the other day: they fight, they break up, they get together; fight, break up, get together. Pretty soon they’ll be getting matching tattoos.

    I will say, though, that some of these modern mating dances look like they’re real killers. Ah, kids nowadays…

  4. JKCarroll

    @ErikZ, but if they did that, when would the evil villain (as opposed to the good villains) ever get a chance to start monologuing? Besides, it’s MUCH easier to transport your target when said target is transporting his/her/its-self (i.e., walking) than when you have to haul gawd-knows-how-many-kilos-and-couldn’t-he-have-cut-back-on-the-furryite-sandwiches-with-strumplings of motionless mass back to your vessel.

    (The correct term, BTW, is “dead weight”, but I didn’t want to seal Our Hero’s fate prematurely.)

  5. Christopher

    @Sean K., it was actually just near the surface and decided to swim sideway for a minute. So cool looking.

    @ErikZ, @JKCarroll has the sense of it. Both for the sake of the story and for the carrying-dead-weight issue. But also, there are general civil or humanitarian rules, where you don’t start shooting until you’ve met resistance.

  6. And those bots were just casually sitting there, waiting to be used in an epic fight of metal and steele? I’d like to say Emily should’ve destroyed the one robot with her advantage of her being ahead, but she probably let him get in the other one as an act of fairness and honor.

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