02/02/11 Avoiding Getting Your Planet Destroyed


I’m stilling doing fill-in strips for Snowflakes. Check it out!

Also, the art show I had recently? The pieces are available for see as well as for sale (price $200/per). I have set up a page here on this site to look at them. And if you wish to purchase visit the Written-On-The-Body page. (You should also check them out if you’re in Portland, but I don’t want to kill them with bandwidth charges).



  1. Thomas

    It’s like we’ve joined a complicated game of Canasta, you only have had 2 cards open to you (like a 5 card poker game), you know you have a wild 2 of clubs which you think is a powerful card, you don’t know what cards could be dealt, or have been dealt, you don’t know what other cards are possible, and you only know how to play ‘fish’.

    Do you have a 2 of Darkuminium?

    Go Fish …

  2. What the Narklonian and the G.O.B. haven’t considered, though, is that if Pierrot’s mission succeeds, Earth *will* have defenses. The G.O.B. may even need defenses against Earth. But has Pierrot considered it? To Eeb or not to Eeb…

  3. VodkaMutiny

    Funny you should say that, this strip reminded me of this:
    God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of his own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players, to being involved in an obscure and complex version of poker in a pitch dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a dealer who won’t tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.
    (quote: Terry Pratchett)

  4. Wow. Whoever is speaking right now must be really boring.

    First things first: we actually have the technology to put men and women on other planets, and keep them alive. We just don’t have anybody willing to put down the money to to build the things needed. (Other stars is a bit more iffy, as the Biosphere 2 project showed)
    However, if we were given a credible warning, right now, that in (say) 15 years time we were going to be attacked by some space-faring force (15 years is fair if you suppose no FTL transportation), and someone could prove that putting the money down for building interplanetary ships had a good return-on-investment (and I do mean a good return-on-investment), we could have a force around Uranus, no problem.
    Now, what would they fire at invaders? There’s a problem.

    Also, I’m starting to recognize some of the species in the background. Is this just me?

  5. The Walrus

    @Frank I think it’s heavily implied that FTL exists in Spacetrawler, considering how the cast get to the G.O.B. from Earth in a manageable amount of time.

    And if the space-faring races of Spacetrawler *don’t* have FTL, that means any invasion force showing up in 15-or-so-years will most likely arrive with a bevy of relativistic kinetic kill devices… meaning they could wipe out Earth before we even knew they were here and have Uranus to themselves.

    The yellow warthog thing has the right idea. Humankind would be screwed either way.

  6. JKCarroll

    @Frank, you wrote:

    Wow. Whoever is speaking right now must be really boring.

    Frank, it’s a governmental administrative body. “Boring” goes without saying. In fact, you could say that the question isn’t who’s getting bored as who’s getting screwed.

  7. Christopher

    hey @Daniel, perhaps a fun thing to put in book #2. I’ll think on that. Oh, but to answer your question, no. With the number of aliens dragging their tails across this carpet, I really haven’t had time.

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