08/11/10 Cat Fighting


We walked to the grocery yesterday, and found a blackberry bush — always a good feeling regardless my age.

I bought the ingredients to make butterscotch pudding while at the store, although I haven’t had a moment to make it. I did start playing with butterscotch candy late last week to get my head thinking about it, but I don’t think the candy thermometer was fully in the liquid, because at what read as a low temperature, it actually started billowing a dark acrid smoke, setting off the fire alarm.

Today it’s sunny again, and I’m off in a short while to my writing group. A good day and a good mood.


  1. My brain is inundating myself with hand puns since I’m writing a short story wherein, umm, hands play a pivotal role (inadvertent pun again), and there are elements of Spacetrawler that are eerily similar…I’d love to trade short stories with you some time! p.s. Spacetrawler just keeps getting better and better, you should know.

  2. JKCarroll

    @Prior, yes. And I notice that on both times the person stepping on her head was wearing boots that had little spikes or ridges on the bottom, as if they had to be prepared to go running across a field of ice or maybe play a few rounds of golf.

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