05/16/12 King Reviews Decisions


I did a fill-in guest strip for Dresden Codak! Read it! Wait, no, read my damn blog first. 🙂

All is fine in the world. I am getting into the final stretch of packaging the Kickstarter orders, and books have been shipped to TopatoCo so that they should be available their soon too.

I must be feeling a bit more on top of things, because I’ve begun Twittering again after hardly doing so since about November. Feel free to follow my insightful pithy commentary on cookies and the like over there, I’m chris_j_baldwin (that’s a double-underscore)

Oh, and have I mentioned that I have a show hanging in Fuel Coffee in Wallingford? Because I do. it’s this show.

So, I did a guest strip for the brilliant Aaron Diaz for his comic DRESDEN CODAK! It was lots of fun, and I very unabashedly wore my love for Mary Shelley on my sleeve.


  1. Corpore Metal

    I think it’s interesting thing here that the King remembers Krep’s behavior–attempting to kill the King’s lover–from when the King had Krep and Pierrot captured before.

  2. Angel

    @ronald: I love that you can quote “The Great Muppet Caper.”

    @pastordan: “ahold” is a word. It’s in the dictionary and everything.

    And Krep’s ship sounds pretty awesome.

  3. ronald

    Well, I had to check the IMDB for the EXACT quotations, but I remembered the gist. 😉

    Regarding Krep as a “drunken hooligan who created chaos,” well, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Krep get drunk since joining IA (of course, that’s the only period of his life that we the readers have seen at all), so there’s THAT that might not be a factor, anyway.

  4. ronald

    Well, it just says he DRANK, not that he got DRUNK. 😉 Besides, Krep’s basically going to be an angry anything, because he’s pretty much angry almost all the time.

    On another note, you gotta hand it to the Mihrrgoots, I’d imagine not many cultures achieve that level of technology while at the same time advancing no further than the “hat” level of fashion evolution.

    I wonder how far the Narklons, who don’t even have hats, have gotten. Revisiting the Pierrot-meets-a-Narklon strip reminded me of the rich supply of Darkhuenium technically owned by Earth. I’m guessing that’ll prove crucial at some point. Or not.

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