10/03/16 Hwan Choi




First of the new characters! Welcome, Hwan!

I’ll also be updating the logo (in the webpage’s upper-right) with each character, one strip at a time (as they appear). Although, in the end, this is only the draft logo, but the final one I did is a little more difficult to dismantle. So, once this is done, i’ll update it again. So much fun!

Still not sure what the heck I did with “tags.” I spent an hour or so on it today, without clues. Will continue to hammer away at it.

And it’s Inktober! Which means that a bunch of cartoonists will be doing a drawing-per-day for the entire month. I am (as usual) overworked, but I couldn’t resist trying. Here’s the first two!



  1. Jonesy

    Aww yeah. Looking forward to the scenes where Hwan Choi is fighting an alien in a room full of mirrors or hitting some alien’s fist so hard it explodes. Amygdalae in my brain are so friggin’ happy. Squeeee!

  2. Jonesy

    @Chris Enter The Dragon has that mirror scene. I don’t remember where that fist shatter scene was, but Bruce Lee movies are probably what Hwan has watched in order to be inspired to train in so many different martial arts styles.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    The start of the mirror shattering scene was when Lee’s character figures out the best way to get around the reflective confusion camouflage was to punch and kick break those mirrors. Sadly his last movie. A bummer he was allergic to acitacelesitic acid aka aspirin and died from a swollen brain. He even had a warning experience before it. His headache must have been ferocious to not recall it when he asked for aspirin again.

    Maybe Nogg should have looked at actual soldiers from various militaries and since the US is in so many wars none of them declared and in an average 150 countries a week. Special Forces and also mercenaries who were SFS might have been more reliable than a body guard. Also the secret 00 agents of MI6. They are said to be multi-trained and super experienced.

    The amygdyla (both of them) warn us of possible danger. Those with too large amygdyla get frightened more readily than those with smaller ones.

    Still this guy might have good instincts and can think on his feet and adaptable. Don’t sell him short just yet. That than have a ham-handed alien mess up his body…

  4. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt49, the big problem with using professional soldiers and mercenaries is that they have a tendency to want to be, you know, paid? As you can tell, unless you can cut some side deals (cue DIMITRI), Nogg’s gigs rarely result in monetary re-numeration.

  5. 0z79

    Oh great, he’s a heroin junkie. This’ll be LOADS of fun… they’re gonna have to get all Clockwork Orange on him to break that habit.

    Or, lemme guess.. there’s some kind of super space-methadone, isn’t there?

  6. fookiesan

    Some of the comments make me think the action in this scene has been misinterpreted by some readers. If I’m correct in my grokking of events, Nogg first shoots him with the translator implant. Then Mr. Choi turns around to see a squatty, fish-evolved alien and immediately suffers a massive heart attack from the shock. Nogg then restarts his heart and carries his still unconscious body back to the ship.

    Or maybe I’m reading the comments wrong, and have just been insufferably pedantic. But the “stoned” and the “heroin” references confused me. I don’t see any evidence of drug abuse (other than the author’s hallucinogenic imagination).

  7. Quirel

    “Or, lemme guess.. there’s some kind of super space-methadone, isn’t there?”

    Ah, yes, the “Drug-Kicker”. It sobers you up and completely removes your addiction to most controlled substances. It’s not very popular because it packs six months of withdrawals into six seconds.

  8. Sorry this strip was so confusing! I thought it pretty straight-forward. But I can see the places now which may have brought up confusion.

    Basically, he had a drug OD and cardiac arrest. Nogg revived him, and brought him back to the ship. The detailed mechanics of those actions are unimportant, but deserves clarification to avoid such confusion.

    I’ll probably tweak it a little once I’ve thought about it and had a chance to re-address it. But we’ve been house-sitting in Buelah, CO, and Buelah is on fire right now (not our fault!) and so we’re out and safe and elsewhere at a friend’s house and bumming around. So, right now I just don’t have the stability to delve into it.

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