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Second of the new characters! Joyce rocks my world. 🙂

I’ve suspended trying to keep up on Inktober for the moment. We’ve been house-sitting in Buelah, CO, and Buelah is on fire right now (not our fault!), i think it’s at about 4,800 acres now. and so we’re out (got out early during pre-evac), and safe, and elsewhere at a friend’s house bumming around. Happy also to report that so far there are no reported injuries due to the fire, so I’m glad for that. We were also cat-sitting, but fortunately the house-sit owner’s mother lived in Pueblo, so we were able to leave them there temporarily. Overall so far it has been no hardship for us, just some logistical juggling.

But it’s so weird. In the news for years I’ve read about fire evacs, mostly in California. And yesterday I was going for a walk to the post office, and a block from home I saw that the ridge, about 3 miles away, had actual flames licking the top. Very surreal.

(photo via Denver Post, link to article)



  1. Herandar

    The way the characters speak in panel 5 irritates me to no end. Not saying it’s incorrect, it’s just I can’t stand it when people talk so obtusely. Might be a major reason why I’m not a very important businessman, myself.

  2. Susan Ator

    Actually, that should be “precedes you” not “proceeds you” in panel 10. Well, unless you really meant “money obtained from an event or activity” in that panel. And I’m guessing Mr. Pitt is probably Brad himself.

  3. andreas

    So Nogg adapts to the business world and is doing his elevator pitch – and she isn’t even looking at him?

    Then again, he’s Nogg, so maybe that would work in his favor.

    Wait, was this speciesist? It was, wasn’t it.
    I am a horrible specimen…

  4. TB

    I know it’s there to make the joke work, but is there any conceivable way even the most distracted individual could enter an elevator and not notice a big, fat fish alien standing in it?

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Aliens just can’t walk around being seen. So they use hypnobeams and mind fields to keep humans in this case from reacting to them as aliens. She never looked at Nogg and if she does “see” him it is as someone else.

    This seems like a modern way of impressing humans into Nogg’s service.

  6. Seymour Joseph

    Chris, in Panel 8 where Nogg Zaps (or rather, Pzurrps ) Joyce She finishes by saying “…acts funny in an elevators” You probably meant “…acts funny in elevators” without the extra “an”.

    Nogg is a natural at this convincing people thing. He could really give King a run for his money at the GOB. Or not.

  7. Seymour Joseph

    Chris, Sorry, but in the last panel Krep says “…If she thought you brilliant…” which is kind of awkward. Did he mean to say “…If she thought you are brilliant…” ?

  8. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt49, Nogg is carrying a personal SEP field. SEP=Somebody Else’s Problem. Nogg isn’t noticed because he’s Somebody Else’s Problem.

    As an example of how this works, describe the face of the last policeman you’ve met or even seen. The uniform provides anonymity, especially since once becoming aware that the creature is wearing a police uniform, you did your best to avoid eye contact.

  9. Some years ago I was vacationing in Cannes Australia. Fires were raging. But the hillsides where they were located were so steep it was dangerous to send in firefighters or planes. Surreal is sitting on the beach at night with a red moon over the ocean and the mountain aglow with fire.

    Maybe you can work that into a later strip.

  10. Meran

    Having lived in Colorado, yes, there are HUGE fires, most summers. I never had to move though, not being near any forests, or by homes by forests. We were out in the middle of high desert.

    You keep teasing me with that painting of a woman behind Mr Zorilla. I get 1/4 of one side, then 1/3 of the other. Will we ever see the whole thing?

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