10/17/16 Mauricio Monteros




Fifth of the new characters! Poor poor Mauricio Monteros. :-/

Been doing further edits to the Anna Galactic before sending it to the printer. Even after all of your (much appreciated, thank you) help, the number or spelling and grammatical errors I found is crazy. And I’m sure some will still slip by! But here is the cover! Can’t wait to see it in print. 🙂perf6.000x9.000.indd


  1. andreas

    Mauricio got his chin from his father all right.
    Even not knowing about his father, nor about his half-sister and her space-connections that are catching up on him, I feel he should be thankful he got the distance between nose and mouth from his mother’s side…

    1. TB

      If Mr. Zorilla was a superhero, he’d be called “The Philtrum.”

      Despite all the encoding for “humans only,” hands up anyone else who would have liked to see that psychotic Psycho Gun on the kangaroo.

  2. andreas

    It is only at re-reading the strip that the full meaning of Reemp (genius constructor of morally dubious machines) performing his happy dance upon hitting an unsuspecting person at point blank range with a ray gun is sinking in.

    Somehow this is a mindset worse than Dr Strangelove. Clearly the galaxy is doomed. Abort mission, evacuate, run… it’s every man for himself!

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