10/19/16 Welcoming New Crew




So, another fire broke out, this time on the OTHER side of town. Uncommon to get fires where we’ve been in Colorado, but both have been deemed coincidence and accident.

So, C and I are floating again. but today (Tuesday) I did make sure to carve out some time to sit still and finish up Wednesday’s strip. Yay!

But by golly, I so want to get Anna Galactic off to the printer. How many fires do we have to get to stand in my way?!!! Anyhow, it’s all ready, I have a final list of small text edits, and then i can send it off. Finger’s crossed.


  1. andreas

    Looks like Nogg might as well just hand over the keys to them to save time…

    However this is a different kind of humor as the protagonist picking up on recurring social dynamics and even quipping about them while not actually being able to do anything differently this time around either cuts close to the basic humanity – or rather the fundamental fishiness – of existence with only a single olive to temper πŸ˜‰

    1. Nessus

      Male kangaroo testosterone levels are insanely high. Violently aggressive/angry/competitive is kinda their ground state.

      So, start out with an animal who’s “calm” is “teetering on the cusp of roid rage”, THEN kidnap it and abuse it.

      Even leaving aside the question of how sapient he is, he’s gonna be REALLY fun to deal with.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    “Octopus face” sounds like a Kutullu, not old Nogg here. Oh wait, yes, that red fellow with the big eye and tentacles around his mouth….and a surly nature.

    Who knew that when translated a kangaroo could have such a vocabulary!

  3. I’m sure Bikkie’s a descendant of Old Man Kangaroo. ‘Make me different from all other animals; make me popular and wonderfully run after by five this afternoon.’ Well, he’s as bitter as his ancestor at five on that particular afternoon.

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