08/08/19 – Harder Than Imagined




Someday I need to tell the future (and past) story of the Slinten Pods. But not today.


    1. TB

      A cynic might wonder how many of them are already here. They can’t really take over the world, though, because so much communication at that level involves things like TV appearances, where pheromones wouldn’t work.

      The Slinten One Big Thing kind of requires a personal presence.

  1. ronald

    He/they made it through two sentences without being surly and pessimistic. Shouldn’t that be a tipoff to anyone who’s known Krep for, I don’t know, more than an hour? πŸ˜‰

  2. ronald

    “It’s good I’m off to Earth, because I’ll likely never have to see one again.”

    “Likely”? Well, yeah, I suppose almost anything’s possible.

    Actually, since Slinten Pods are almost identical to Earth snakes (at least, to those occasionally seen in “Little Dee”), she might get a few false sightings now and then.

  3. Peter Rogan

    Oh, those damned slinten pods!

    It WAS my security keeping me from seeing this page. Thanks to all who tried to help me. I’m okay, now, really. I’m fine. How are you?

  4. Rikard

    Joyce’s comment on “disguises, influential pheromones and a sweet innocent demeanor” is delightfully dubble-edged.

    ‘Cause there are no such get-togethers, gatherings or social functions on ole’ Earth could be described as such, yes?

    How ’bout a spinoff about a race, sort of a ‘Cannonball run’ only in the Spacetrawler-setting? All of it as a set-up for the atrocity-level pun of “slinten pod racing”.

    Right, The door. I can show myself out, thank you.

      1. Meran

        I need to get ALL the Spacetrawler books when this next one comes out.
        I’m serious! Could you please make sure there’s a whole set, just for me? Signed, of course.

        They’ll go on the bookshelves next to my Little Dee books.

        Thanks for all you do for me, ahem, US! I appreciate your work. As I’m sure your other fans who post, here, do. (And let’s hope MANY of the lurkers too.)

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