08/12/19 – Grasp of Wonk




We shopped, cooked, sewed, and cleaned all day for Lighthouse Day! We had mac&cheese, snickerdoodles, gingerbread cookies, dark and stormies, dark and stormy flavored ice cream, bread shaped like a lighthouse, and we painted bibs.

Whoah! I can hear your shouted roar of envy all the way from here! <3


  1. russell styles

    I’m kind of confused about her and her family. She seems to be quite smart, while one of her sons, is dumb as a rock, and the other son .. unknown. Both sons are curiously good a being a fleet admiral.

    A fleet admiral you wouldn’t trust with a sharp stick.

    1. Efogoto

      “Every” seems like a high demand. She’ll be there when she’s there, and if you *need* to see her, you will wait. If your business were important enough to warrant her attention, she’d already have seen to it anyway.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Tidy people get a lot done. As long as the work is organized, the inputs and the output standardized, they can accomplish miracles of productivity.

    But I’ve never known a tidy executive. They may WORK to clear their desk at the end of the day, but they expect to be handed in the course of their day hand grenades disguised as ham sandwiches, simple problems that require civilization reshaping, and crucial personnel who seem to have eaten those grenades and are halfway to redesigning civilization.

    And I’ve simply never known a political leader who valued organization. The better ones worried about the problems people were having and worked to eliminate them. The bad ones didn’t care if you thought them slobs, so long as you missed the embezzlement. This is why all of them rely on their staffs and their volunteers, because without them, that desk wouldn’t simply be under a mountain of paperwork… it would literally be missing, along with the other fixtures of the office, and several key cute personnel.

    Halip is either intimidating enough to keep irritating problems from arriving, or… she isn’t paying attention. Not enough data to judge either way. But if the latter… something will be crashing through the roof in a little bit, possibly armed, possibly making ham sandwiches disguised as hand grenades, or vice versa. We’re just going to have to wait and see.

    1. MrScott

      No one person can know everything. When a CEO is running a company with 1000+ varieties of specialists, they are simply not able to know all the details. That is why you really want higher ups to have a good staff.

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