08/13/19 – Penny’s Welcome




Relationships between parents and children are always so weird and unique.


  1. Coyoty

    “Mom, you weren’t really in Puerto Rico, were you?”

    “Why do you say that, dear?”

    “You’ve been nursing a steaming hot cup of coffee for an hour and it’s never left your hands.”

  2. ronald

    So, she believes that her mother has acquired astonishing superhuman powers (since she saw them demonstrated) as a result of cybernetic alterations far beyond anything human technology is remotely capable of but she DOESN’T believe that she went into outer space?

    I wonder what alternate explanation she made up for herself. Nothing that involves human trafficking rings in non-existence basements OSLT, one would hope…

    1. ronald


      Okay, that should’ve been “non-existent,” not “non-existence.” Sorry about that. 😐

      It occurred to me that if it was important to Joyce that her children believed her, she could always take them for a ride in her own personal private spaceship…after they watched her arrive in it and land it, of course.

      1. Nomi

        Wow, I don’t remember that page at all. Time for a binge review. Yeah, why wouldn’t Penny remember the demo of the otherworldly powers and believe “outer space” again?

  3. Peter Rogan

    “We are all impersonating an identity.” –Jean-Paul Sartre

    Some of our impersonations work better than others. As I’m sure Joyce learned long ago when facing the Board of Directors instead of another group of disorganized managers.

    And Penny is resolute on keeping things as she wants them. Or she wouldn’t have replaced the speaker that her mom sliced with the laser cutter with an exact duplicate. The shape of her world is as she directs it, no less, and certainly no more.

    Sometimes I can’t believe I’m trying to sell myself to such people. What can I say? It’s a living.

  4. ronald

    Yes, scenic Puerto Rico, aka Progress Island USA. MST3K really sold that as a vacation spot. 😉

    Apropos of nothing, from the cast page:

    “Eebs: good natured, weak-willed telekinetic green beings who generally sport brown trench coats and pink scarves.”

    Brown? I thought they were maroon. Live and learn. 😉

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Joyce has superb control over her powers. One problem with robots is getting them to to know when not to crush something in their hands. Whether it be an egg or my hand.

    I suspect that certain countries have some idea about all this. But are on the outside looking through a bleary glass at it. The USA, Argentina, France, Britain, Russia, China and some others. I wonder if they work together on it?

    Though we probably don’t have anything that can catch or keep up with those swimming, flying “craft” it wouldn’t matter much what they saw. If we do some have fantastically speculated from secret World War 2 German works to alien crashes and secret technology that may go back to the vimanas of ancient India. Otherwise we are alone or the others are too advanced and their work looks too much like natural large scale happenings. For such a young culture as ours such direct contact would be dangerous. We have seen ourselves what a more advanced culture can do to a less developed one.

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