08/14/19 – A Letter For Wezzle




It seems I have letter writing on my mind lately.


  1. ronald

    So, before they invented robot legs, would a member of Wezzle’s species have used his front tentacles as legs and his top tentacle as a hand? Would he have traveled by rotating like a pinwheel? Lain flat on the ground, his face in the center, and moved forward by spinning like a top? Any number of possibilities. 😉

      1. Nomi

        How can he breathe the gaseous atmosphere now that the other lifeforms seem to be breathing? Surgical implants? I was imagining Wezzle’s home world as very low gravity, so they just use those three tentacles to anchor themselves and steer as they drift about.

        1. 3oranges

          Lots of different fish can breathe air through their gills, mouth, or even skin, so long as they stay wet. It’s useful both in cases where they might have to leave the water on occasion, and where water gets too warm or murky to hold oxygen. I would buy Wezzle’s species (did they ever get a name?) as something similar.

  2. Peter Rogan

    Of all unlikely character pairings, this likely is the unlikeliest. Still, for all that, I cannot picture Wezzle not getting into a situation that Bikkie cannot punch their way out of.

    This could become the basis for an entire comic series on its own. Not that I’m advocating that, mind.

  3. Meran

    Wezzle’s anatomy has had me puzzled since the beginning… the two lower arms (or legs), have a definite “90 degrees possibility”, (as drawn), which reveals some sort of supportive internal structure. (Yes, I’m thinking of bone) But I’m sure it’s gotta be more like gristle or cartilage. Or even that stuff they call “cuttle”, the hard calcium thing that is actually ~from cuttlefish.

    I can’t see him going thru water though! With those “legs”, he still has lost the hoped-for streamlining of his body in water… and that third tentacle/arm is coming out of his head!

    Could you show us your concept drawings on him? (I know it’s a comic, made up, anything goes… but I need/want a somewhat logical version. Please?)

    (I’ve only come across the conjoined word Need/Want from the tv show, Defiance. Loved that show!! Anyway, now I want to use that word, whenever I can! )

    1. Christopher John Baldwin

      @Meran, if the Kickstarter reaches the next stretch goal and I do the Wezzle/Bikkie storyline, I’ll try to include Wezzle without his “legs” device. 🙂

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