12/02/19 – Emily Arrives


  1. Jude

    Hurray and the story now kicks into high gear! Thank you, Christopher. I love that you always include a good mix of different people (not all white) plus a bizarre mix of aliens (multi-coloured as well as multi-limbed, multi-headed and multi-eyed) in your comics.

  2. Rikard

    Ahhh, the thing Emily “loves” the most: feeling and being responsible for others.

    Methinks she’ll take it out on (of?) certain someone’s hide.

    Will she hound them to the stars, and beyond?

  3. War Pig

    Unusually gentle explosion for aliens who crush homes and families with indifference. But if it was more vigorous, the players wouldn’t have survived.

    I wonder how the local authorities are going to explain crushed homes and dead families with large imprints of spaceship landing pads. You can’t X-Files your way out of that.

    1. Keith

      1) you’d be surprised how a tight space can contain and mitigate an explosion…though I suspect much of the city sewer system is now fatberg free.

      2) you’d be surprised what can be done with a little psyop and disinformation and outright lying and decent practical props. A little aircraft debris and fuel here and dab of semi-truck there. Easy peasy, it’s the logistics of these ops that is complicated.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      2014 Kaohsiung Taiwan sewer explosions. Some caught on video. There was a leak of flammable chemicals and something set the whole works off just when the vapor to air ratio was juuuuust right.

  4. Night-Gaunt49

    People will rather believe a mundane answer that is obviously wrong than the right answer that is weird and beyond what they are taught as real.

    Damaged homes? Subsidence. So what if they look smashed down instead of collapsed? That is the official story and the press will go along. They might even tear them down before others can get a good luck. They were a danger and had to be demolished.

  5. Pete Rogan

    Aaaaaaaand Unintended Consequence #1: Two humans who now can understand every animal on Earth
    UC #2: meet the first coyote capable of carrying on a conversation with them.

    Crushing houses, blowing up sewers and abducting families isn’t bad enough, the aliens have now unleashed translation chips on Earth. It won’t be long before the authorities notice and conduct their awful, awful cavity searches to find them.

    ….unless Emily takes them in on her mission to stop the Puppies and their devious, deviant plot.

    Isn’t it always that way? Come to Earth for a little contemplation, and what happens? You get a distress call and then a posse. Nothing simple about it, atall, atall.

    1. Gregg Eshelman

      Nahhh, not every animal. Probably just ones most human omnivores don’t think of as food.

      Australian kangaroo ranchers might be a bit put out. I hear ‘roo tail is supposed to be yummy.

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