12/03/19 – Nothing More Helpful

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 3, 2019.




I need my own dangling talking coyote companion. Really.


    1. Keith

      Don’t be fooled people. I listen to the local pack all the time…all they do is talk about gossip, who got caught by a farm dog and had to fight their way out of. Who was being lazy fool and raiding hen houses. Who is in heat (Janet, right now it’s janet and I HOPE no one breeds her. She’s not very bright) Some times interesting more often dull boring everyday life stuff with a lot of trash talk.

      1. Meran

        I have one of those packs too! And they’ve been singing each night in the field just on the other side of our driveway.l.. because Petal, our wolfie Pomeranian, is coming into season. ????

        It’s hilarious when both of my Girls run outside at night… tiny black brindle Chloë takes point, tells them What For, while one pound heavier (and a bit taller) Petal stays safely on the porch. All my dogs over the years have conversed with that pack…. and they talk to the BIG DOGS too. But those just stare at ours… I think the antlers somehow make them think they’re royalty. ????

  1. Julia

    Hi Chris. The Glen Falls strip has been on page 15 since Friday. And the last comment/ entry on your diary page is from 11/14. If that’s all that you have been able to do, that’s fine. But it isn’t like you to not at least comment on the status for so long.

    I’m growing fond of the character that I think of as the blanket one. I can hardly wait to find out more about them.

  2. Jude

    We ALL want a talking coyote now but I’ll take a non-dangling one, thank you. Probably more useful if it doesn’t just dangle there. I need to go back to check how many members Nogg had in his previous crews. We’ve got 5 here, counting Emily but it feels like another one might be needed. I already know who my two favourite cew members are – Ruddock and the unnamed Asian guy.

  3. Rikard

    Stripey-shirt guy’s skepticism is hilarious! He and the laconic bum-in-a-blanket play off eachother really well.

    Obligey-bot is somethng I hope will have prominent part in the story – love the concept!

  4. Thracecius

    This looks like it’s going to be an extra hilarious storyline, Christopher, so thank you in advance for sharing all of it! So far, this has been my favorite page of this new story, but I can imagine it’s going to keep getting better if all of these characters remain in the story. I especially like Ruddock and Mr. Coyote on a String Fan. 😀

  5. Pete Rogan

    Congratulations, Christopher. You have raised ‘meet cute’ to a new level. And I mean higher than Ruddock on a 100-foot cable pretending he needed to piddle. The new classic.

  6. Muzhik

    Let’s all just hope that Ruddock DOES actually piddle while he’s down there, because I suspect Emily will NOT be the type to just pull over just anywhere at anytime to do your business, especially if I TOLD YOU A HUNDRED TIMES — USE THE TOILET *BEFORE* WE LEAVE! (But I didn’t need to go then…)

    Oh — and NOW is the time to teach Ruddock to wait until all the other crew members are ABOVE him before he starts to piddle. Just sayin’ …

  7. Muzhik

    Cannot WAIT to see what happens when Ruddock gets introduced to the evil puppy overlords. Especially since he can understand what they say when they’re talking about disposing of Emily.

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