12/16/19 – Grab and Shake

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 16, 2019.




Sometimes you realize that it’s best to get a large back-supply of the kind of chips you like because you’re about to go on a large journey. And there, of course, are several ways to go about that.


  1. Coyoty

    It’s what *I* would do if I had a spaceship with a huge crane on it that could grab trucks full of cheesy jalapeno snacks off the highways.

    I… may have ordered a 64-count case of cheddar jalapeno Cheetos from Amazon… a few times…

    I haven’t been thinking big enough.

    1. DrunkenNordmann

      Considering how many houses (and likely people) these guys have crushed at this point, doesn’t that technically count as violating GOB rules regarding dark planets.

      So if any of these jerks survive the book, I guess they could put them on trial.

  2. Myk Streja

    This reminds me a silly little video from years ago called “Godzilla vs Bambi”. Something like sixty seconds of rolling credits with the sounds of nature in the background, and a cute little fawn browsing some undergrowth. As soon as the last credit scrolls off the screen, WHAM! Godzilla’s foot comes down and crushes Bambi. The End.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Call me old-fashioned. Call me intolerant and insensitive to alien appetites and mores, but if you crush houses to land your ship and steal potato chips by the shaken truck full, you’re going to find yourself at the receiving end of a hot photon torpedo. And that’s WITHOUT cheese!


  4. Night-Gaunt49

    I like the contrast of the puppy love looks and callous disregard for other species. They deliberately crush those houses and everyone in them. No doubt not much can touch them should the locals get aroused like hornets and swarm to attack. They probably have no fear of nukes either.

    Little buggers I’d like to see how many of those big eyes I could splatter before they would kill me.

    Oh and Emily really needs to send a message to the GOB too if she hasn’t already.

    I really don’t like them one bit.

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