12/12/19 – Team of Rejects

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, December 12, 2019.




In all my history, many of my best friends have been misfits and rejects, and I love them. Because being rejected or not fitting in so often has nothing to do with a person’s merit, but with their standing slightly outside of societal norms. Plus, I was one of them, and so they welcomed me in.


  1. War Pig

    I have friends in low places as well as in high places. I have a friend who I believe may be with organized crime. We served together in Vietnam. I don’t ask and he does not volunteer and he never gets me involved with his “business”. We occasionally have a couple of drinks together. I did prep his son in mathematics for the SAT and he got a good score. I am also friends with our local sheriff, who used to work for my mom when he was a teenager in the old CETA summer program. I helped him campaign for sheriff.

    Having friends spread over the whole spectrum is a good idea. Conservative friends, liberal friends, kooky friends, strange friends, scary friends. You never know when you’ll need advice or help from one of them. I have friends who think Hillary and AOC are the best things since the orgasm. I have friends who think the exact opposite. Just because someone is gay or straight or a liberal or a conservative does not men we cannot be friends. As one lesbian feminist I know said; “Being an eco-conscious feminist is all well and good until you need a friend with a truck.” (not her exact words but the best i can recall).

    1. It is helpful to be pragmatic to a degree or more. See truck needs.

      I would also extend it to being neighborly. I know my neighbors sounded us out and threw all sorts of bones to try to get us to commit to one thing or another but all we did was live our lives and help them out when they needed it and they did the same for us.

      It probably helps that all my neighbors are retirees or near retirees.

    2. Meran

      A lesbian feminist who doesn’t have her own truck??? My mind is reeling…. (I’m female, and must always have a truck… and a more comfortable driving 45mpg vehicle too -hey. I’m “short”. The truck designers have forgotten us! ????)

  2. The Eritrea mention reminds me that one of my now former neighbors was an Eritrean Coptic Christian war widow. She and the surviving members of her family were living the American dream by collectively being entrepreneurial, especially in real estate.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Aaaaaaand now we’re all one big unhappy family of rejects.

    Does Emily find that just? Does it jar her self-perception enough to give her insight as to what was wrong with her that Pierrot stormed out? Or is this a first step on her way to being more trusting, which was what Pierrot said she was lacking?

    And can she do any of that figuring-out on her way to confront unknown Galactic badguys on Durnheim-3? Her crew of rejects aside, she’s got a lot to mentally prepare for and for once her personal life isn’t mixed up in it. And it won’t help if she gets pestered for details by her fellow rejects.

  4. Muzhik

    A phrase popped in my head when reading Emily’s revelation: Captain Sad and her ship of fools.

    If she has a motley crew, does that mean she has to regularly check to see if their mots have grown or spread?

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