02/04/20 – Kregger

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 4, 2020.




Negotiations proceed.


  1. Pete Rogan

    Kregger neatly sidesteps the issue of whether the loathsome puppies are on the property or not. I find it unlikely that Emily could have beaten them here, but it’s possible. Perhaps they’ll be coming into the building next, and we’ll have an interesting confrontation and Tesfay shooting somebody he wasn’t supposed to. Or they’re in the back, collecting whatever Kregger summoned them to get. Which may mean the whole shebang then gets into the street, with unknown consequences re: the mugger crowd.

    Think I’ll get another Dr. Pepper and see what develops.

      1. @Russell, there are only three stages of ships. The Spacetrawler, the post Spacetrawler (which has a rear fin), and the “from another universe” of which King/Curn is (I think) the only one who has one. Her’s ad the dog alien’s are the same kind, although thre may be some speed variables within a class.

  2. Pitgamer

    I love the backgrounds for this scene. They’re space cool but somehow incredibly ordinary. And they don’t give away anything about Kregger’s business. I need to know what he’s making/doing/selling to the bad guys!

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