02/18/20 – Nice Digs

Spacetrawler, audio version For the blind or visually impaired, February 18, 2020.




Sometimes it’s not quite the right time to read a text message.


  1. Nova

    I do love “comic book dialog time dilation”, where a character has the time to deliver an entire multi-paragraph speech in the time it takes to throw a punch, or in this case, fly through in a jetpack

  2. 0z79

    Ever have a call that asks you if you’re on your way yet, but CHECKING that call made you miss the next bus, so the people on the other end have to wait even longer, now?

    It’s both frustrating and somehow satisfying.. well, the telling them about it part is satisfying.

  3. Pete Rogan

    Unless the Durns are more in control of themselves in mob action than the Heims, this flight is pretty soon going to look like the pursuit of the inept muggers on the way to Kregger’s. Possibly with more cases of friendly fire, given their bad attitudes to start with.

    And Emily is in possession of singular knowledge: The Heims are not behind this, but the Durns, at least in the person of one Kregger. That may suggest what they want out of the deal with the Puppy-people, but not as much as the one thing still missing: The nature of the drug in the plentiful helmets.

    Pity Emily won’t be doing more sleuthing here. The fastest and safest way to the ship now is by jetpack, followed by a hasty departure counterpointed with guns.

    And Stangor. I doubt his safety in the presence of Emily even if he tries to flee. Considering Emily doesn’t know he’s aboard, this could make pleasantries a trifle (zap! frazzts!) awkward.

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